My Heart is Full: Highlights of 2018

Here’s a few highlights from this year:

Last September I moved into a new studio space in the River Arts District called ClaySpace Coop. When I moved to Asheville five years ago and went wandering around the RAD, this studio space was the one I saw and dreamed of one day having a studio in, so I feel very lucky. ClaySpace is a collective studio and gallery of nine clay artists in the Wedge Studios building on Roberts Street. A group of artists, including Josh Copus, created ClaySpace about thirteen years ago when the River Arts District was still up and coming. It is a rustic, but charming, industrial building with tall ceilings and too much clay dust everywhere. Our studio spaces are in the back of the building and our gallery space is in the front, and we operate as a true coop, making decisions as a group and taking care of every aspect of the business together. My studio mates are awesome people, as well as amazing artists, and I am really enjoying the micro community we have become. If you’d like to come visit the studio, we’re open year-round, Monday through Saturday, from 11-5 at 119A Roberts Street, Asheville, NC.

This year in June my sweet pup, Red Dog, was diagnosed with cancer. Since his diagnosis he has had one small surgery and several immunotherapy treatments. He’s also been taking Turkey Tail mushroom capsules, which have shown amazing results in clinical trials for cancer treatment. (Look up Turkey Tail mushroom and Paul Stamets for more info). Last month, three months after Red Dog’s last immunotherapy shot, we returned to the oncologist vet for a check up and received the news that his cancer is in remission! I am relieved and overjoyed that we, more than likely, have many more years with Red Dog. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us through this with donations to Red Dog’s GoFundMe, thoughts and prayers, and any other form of support.

My other highlights of the year aren’t so much big news as small, glorious moments: seeing the most breathtaking sunset of my entire life on the top of Craggy Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my partner, Alex; snuggling my nephews, reading them books, and putting them to bed; hosting what turned out to be a magical concert at my house and ending the night singing “The Parting Glass” around the fire; watching Gideon Irving perform his inspiring and delightful one man show (if you haven’t heard of Gideon, please go look him up!); hiking up to Big Bradley Falls with Alex and howling from behind the waterfall; various tea dates at Dobra Tea with sweet friends; lots of personal growth and struggle; my amazing and ridiculous (in a good way) family…

My heart is full.

A few dreams I have for next year include dipping my toes into teaching clay classes, learning to roller skate, making bigger and more elaborate work, and spending much more time outdoors. [And hopefully our President getting impeached.]

Thanks for reading, and for your support. Happy Holidays.